Much of David’s experience lies in the development of R-based software for Item Response Theory for the analysis of national secondary school examinations. recently we contributed to the development and validation of statistical software for identifying possible future Olympic and World Championship medallists. We also conducted a short course in R for a UK-based company, and provided instruction in the form of workshops and personal instruction in R to research and statistical staff of several Government ministries in New Zealand. 


We are very interested in contributing to studies in education research.

One speciality is the provision of software for Item Response Theory (IRT), especially for the analysis of national examinations. We can design software for analysing the results distributions of national examinations very efficiently, providing results distributions across demographic subgroups of interest, Principal Components Analysis, Factor Analysis and factor loadings, item discriminations and item difficulty estimates for the available grades, item correlations, item-total correlations, and investigations of differential item functioning. We also have developed software for Value Added Modelling (i.e. identifying schools or teachers who add greater educational value than would be expected on the basis of the relevant school types. Let us know how we can assist in your education research.