You may be interested in a few articles authored by Sigma staff and associates, not only on R, but on other topics relating to statistics and research.

Climate Change Public Policy

ClimateChangePublicPolicy[1].pdf ClimateChangePublicPolicy[1].pdf
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Type : pdf


Curtis Lillis

CurtisLillis[1].pdf CurtisLillis[1].pdf
Size : 253.836 Kb
Type : pdf


NZSR64  Lillis 

NZSR64(1) Lillis[1].pdf NZSR64(1) Lillis[1].pdf
Size : 430.602 Kb
Type : pdf


 NZSR68 Lillis corrected

NZSR68(2) Lillis corrected.pdf NZSR68(2) Lillis corrected.pdf
Size : 709.91 Kb
Type : pdf


NZSR68 altered 

NZSR68(4) altered.pdf NZSR68(4) altered.pdf
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Type : pdf