We deliver courses in R for both beginners and professionals, and we develop software in the R language to suit your requirements. If you need particular analytic techniques, written as code that enables complex, multi-step analytic procedures to run quickly and efficiently, then let us know. We can develop the software for you. Often we will write the software as a text file that we e-mail to you, when ready. For example, if you run a laboratory in the bio-medical sciences or conduct psychology experiments, you may require software for analysing your experiments (e.g. software to carry out repeated measures analysis or to analyse various experimental designs). We can write the software as R code, tailor it to suit your needs, and make it easy to use. A common request is for R-based tools for interrogating large data sets, such as those that are collected annually as part of official statistics. We can design and create the software you need to perform insightful analysis and create outstanding visualisations.  

Client Privacy
Client privacy is of utmost importance to Sigma. All communications with clients are confidential. Sigma will never pass your data or other information, or provide any information about clients, to any third party. Where prospective clients request references or testimonials, Sigma will never use clients as a source of reference without prior approval.

Data Confidentiality
Sigma keeps all data and documents associated with your project strictly confidential. Sigma will not share any of the materials to which we have access, or the ideas, opinions and information they contain, with any third party without permission from the client. Sigma will not publish any data or analyses stemming from this work without permission from the client. Sigma will return all data and files associated with a client’s project upon the request of the client, and will ensure that no files remain on our systems after that time.

The Sigma team consists of David Lillis (Director) and several highly-trained advisors who assist, when required.

Stirling Smidt
Stirling holds the following qualifications:
Bachelor of Information Sciences (Honours) in Operations Research
Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Diploma in Business
Principles in Controlled Environments Practitioner
Project Management Professional

Stirling’s Work Experience:
Hospitals - designing and building databases, data analysis
Finance and Insurance - database design and build, data analysis, reporting, process design and improvement, risk management, management
Management Consulting – process and system design
Banking – contact centre performance and planning projects
Teaching – advanced information systems, project management

Stirling is very experienced in using the following statistical and other software:
Visual Basic for Applications (Excel and Access coding)
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
SQL Server
Cognos Powerplay